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ALLERWAY 5 is effective in treating symptoms of seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis.


    Duration & Onset of Action1,2

    Allerway 5 provides fast acting and long lasting symptom relief (symptom relief for 24 hours).



    Low incidence of Sedation4

    ALLERWAY 5 lacks significant sedative effects.
    Patients should, however be warned that a small number of individuals may experience sedation.


    PACK sizes4

    Allerway 5 is available in pack sizes of 10’s and 30’s.

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    Know your Allergies

    Trust Allerway 5 for treating symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis. Don’t stress about allergies because now every season can be your season. Allerway 5 is the leading levocetirizine brand in South Africa.3 Allerway 5 is fast acting and long lasting so you can reconnect with the things you love.Allerway 5 gives you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors, enjoy the comfort of your home and allows you to spend time with your furry friends without stressing about allergies.4


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    Accordion Items
    click to open accordion What are indoor allergies?

    Indoor allergies are often the cause of year-round symptoms, which is why they are sometimes referred to as year-round allergies or perennial allergies. Indoor allergens are found indoors.8

    Common indoor allergens include pets, mold, dust mites and cockroaches.5

    click to open accordion What is the difference between an allergy and a cold?

    A cold, is a viral illness that usually lasts for about a week and an allergy can persist for a long time. Allergies are not contagious, but the symptoms only vary slightly from the common cold, which is contagious.12


    Allergy Symptoms12 Cold Symptoms12
    • runny or blocked nose • runny nose
    • coughing • cough
    • wheezing • sore throat
    • sneezing • low-grade fever
    • watery or itchy eyes • body aches
    • postnasal drip  
    click to open accordion What is animal dander?

    Animal dander is an allergen. Animal dander is loose skin cells (like dandruff) from animals such as dogs and cats. These skin cells, which contain secretions from glands in the animal's skin, float in the air, where they may be breathed in by people, resulting in symptoms of allergies.13

    click to open accordion What is allergic rhinitis?

    Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) is an allergic reaction to tiny particles in the air called allergens. When you breathe in allergens through your nose or mouth, your body reacts by releasing a natural chemical called histamine. Several indoor and outdoor allergens cause hay fever. Common causes include dust mites, mold, pet dander and pollen from trees and plants.

    Symptoms of hay fever include sneezing, nasal congestion and irritation of the nose, throat, mouth and eyes. Allergic rhinitis is not the same as the common cold and it is not contagious.2

    click to open accordion What are antihistamines?

    Antihistamines are commonly used to treat allergic rhinitis. These medications work by blocking the effects of histamine, a chemical released during allergic reactions that can cause irritating symptoms.16